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Mojo Dru Moo
11 March
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well im obssesed with glowing...anyone who actully met me would already know :) i live for all thingys clubby...i can't stop myself from dancing with a damn SLINKY!...his names Spunky btw... i gotta beautiful daughter called Olivia born 1st september 2004 so sooooo gorgous! :)
80's, 80's cartoons, 80s music, acid, adam ant, aliens, anime, apoptygma bezerk, beer, bill bailey, black, black books, books, boots, camden, cartoons, chef, chinese, chinese food, chocolate, chunky boots, clothes, clubbing, clubs, comic books, comics, corsets, covenant, cyberdog, cybergoth, cycloon, dance, dancing, darkwave, dead can dance, depeche mode, digital art, dj-ing, dread falls, dreadlocks, dreads, drinking, drugs, ebm, eddie izzard, electric ballroom, fake hair, fetish, films, fire, fire dancing, fire poi, fire spinning, friends, front 242, gabba, gabber, glowing, glowsticks, goth, goth clothes, goth culture, goth music, gothic, gothic make-up, gothminister, happy hardcore, hard house, hardcore, hellraiser, horror, hugs, ice hockey, icehocky, implant, indian, industrial, infest, invader zim, italian food, kmfdm, labyrinth, latex, leather, london, london after midnight, long hair, love, make-up, manga, marmite, martial arts, mesh, mexican, mortal_kombat, mushies, music, mythology, neon, neon green, new model army, nin, nine inch nails, occult, plastic, poi, powerpuff girls, ps:clone, psiclone, purple, pvc, pvc clothes, rain, red dwarf, red hot chilli peppers, rob zombie, robots, rubber, sci-fi, sex, shoping, sisters of mercy, skiing, slimelight, snow, snowbording, south park, space frog, spank, spongebob, swears, sweets, swords, system of a down, tank girl, tattoos, techno, the cure, the dark crystal, the sisters of mercy, thunder storms, thundercats, toys, trance, ultraviolence, uv, video games, vnv nation, white zombie, zelda