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Thanx for all the messages people you've been great! big piss up in Olivia's honour coming up :)

in case i not txt you, she got goregous blue eyes, her eyes were open like mins after birth :)

quite a lot of thick dark hair :) prob will change tho, she waied 7'11 or was it 7'10 i terrible with numbers :s

will be posting pics verry soon! :)

met up with Anna the day after the birth was cool to see u hunni, was good to here some truths about somebody thanx hun (what a cock sucker) hope to hang out again soon mate *hugs*

cheers to Hannah for putting me up the odd day here n there around things and thanx for calming me *hugs*

hope many of you are up for meeting her soon as we feel up to showing her off!

oh and too a couple of friends that i still cant mention!... i cant wait for you guys to feel what it feels like to first hold him/her! im so happy for you too! :) *massive hugs*

Drew, xxxx
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