Mojo Dru Moo (drew_moo) wrote,
Mojo Dru Moo

took the pram and the cot over to Alisons last night, was great to see her not seen her since i moved :( really lookin like she's about to pop and i not perfering to giving birth *bang* yet again Taz the dog tryed it on with my let :s damn sex fiend!

randomly went to edwards no 8 last night, good to catch up with a few people, was so dead and the goth rooms been moved into the shit room :( didnt really enjoy it much spent most the night in the metal room as more people and a lil more alive lol! just cause most people were off at whatever fest both DJ's seemed like they just couldnt be assed to play any good music, was so mind numbingly bored till like the last 2 hours!

well my daughters due today, so lookin like shes gonna be late as Alisons feeling fine! just a matter of waiting :s

gotta shoot back up to stoke tommorow, got a performance at the Australia barr in hanley should be much fun, doing Poi Staff and Fire poi on stage! much fun and £80 in my pocket woo!

Drew x
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